Who Is AuburnRoe?

My name is Lois and welcome to my blog, AuburnRoe.com!


I'm currently a 21 year old who's just finished her studies and is now attempting to travel the world whilst sharing what I learn along the way.


Things I love: travelling, dogs, personal development, movies, chocolate cake, self-care books.

Originally born and bred in London, England, giving others advice and helping people is a trait I have inherited from my mother. AuburnRoe was born whilst documenting a pretty tough time in 2016, after which I decided to set out on this bizarre journey to find out how to be happy and make the most of this crazy ride we call life.

Since then it has become a space for people to come and learn about my millennial wellness journey from all around the world.


I hope you are able to find the advice you need somewhere in this blog, and if you can't, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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