6 Things To Do In Prague On A Student Budget

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Cheap beer and beautiful views, what more could you want? Prague is becoming more and more popular with students who like to travel and in this article, you’ll find out why. I visited Prague back in January and had a wonderful time exploring the city and meeting new people.

I’ve had a few people asking me what I would recommend to do, so here’s 6 things to do in Prague on a student budget!

-The Lennon Wall

This was one of my favourite places in the whole city. It is absolutely free (with the exception of sparing your change for any busking musicians if you wish), and has a tonne of history behind it. The wall became a canvas of rebellion in the 1980s after John Lennon was killed. The Beatles' lyrics were known for their expression of freedom, which didn't really exist in Czech Republic as it was run by communists until 1989. It has continued to act as a monument of free speech, and if all that history doesn’t interest you, it still makes for a great photo!

The Lennon Wall is located in Mala Strana, on the Western side of the river.

-The Charles Bridge Towers

For a pretty perfect view of both sides of the river, you have to do this. On the eastern side of the river is the Old Town Bridge Tower, was built in the mid 14th century, and has a 138-step climb to the top gallery.

On the other side of the bridge is the Lesser Town Bridge Towers - this is an archway that has two towers built 200 years apart. The tower open to tourists is the one built in 1464, (pictured on the right), not the other one which was originally built in the 12th century - probably a good thing!

The closing times of the towers vary throughout the year, and to climb either of the towers, you need to purchase a ticket at either entrance. A student ticket is 70CZK, which is around £2.40. Bargain.

Top Tip: Instead of buying tickets separately at each tower, you can buy tickets for both towers together and you’ll save money.

The towers are located either end of the Charles Bridge.

-Jubilee Synagogue

Another free sight to see is this incredible building. Placed in the middle of an ordinary street, it was quite surreal to come across this place completely by accident. The detail and colour kind of made me feel I was in Disneyland, but considering it was built in 1906 and the city is over a thousand years old, that's kind of understandable. It's closed to the public during winter months but from April to October you can pay 50CZK for a student ticket, which is the equivalent of around £1.70.

You'll find the Jubilee Synagogue on Jerusalem Street (Jeruzalémská), which is surprisingly not located in the Jewish Quarter, but is only a 15 minute walk away.

-The Metronome

This place isn't hard to miss. Just look for the big-ass red ticking thing on the top of the hill on the western side of the river and head up those steps! Trust me, it’s worth it. This location is a gem for students as it's very popular with local young people. Don’t fall in to the trap – there is another viewpoint tower along the hill which costs money and is FULL of tourists. This red ticking thing (The Metronome) is free and the perfect place to bring a bottle of cheap rose and watch the sun set.

If you head south along the hill top (towards the other tower) and you’ll find more stunning viewpoints along the way.

The Metronome is located in Letná Park on the western side of the River.

-The Castle

This is another a great part of the city to get some incredible views. The castle grounds include 4 palaces, 10 gardens and 4 churches including St Vitus Cathedral (pictured top right). Entrance to the historical part will require you to buy a ticket, however it is free to enter the complex and wander around. For a list of different ticket types and prices, click here.

Fun fact: The Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, so it's definitely worth checking out!

You'll find the castle complex on the western side of the river. I don't know why I'm typing this... it's the largest ancient castle in the world. It's not hard to miss.

-Swan Beach

This was another place that we came across by accident. Before the trip I conducted my fair share of 'things to do in Prague' research, and as expected, I got hit with a lot of 'touristy' things to do. That's why it was so nice to come across somewhere that is so beautiful and unexpected. No, it's not a place for you to bring a towel and strip down to your bikini - Swan Beach says it all in the name. Obviously, swans are swans and you need to be careful when it comes to approaching them. Take my advice and don't try and get too close! Leave them to do their thing while you get some pretty photos and avoid the bird sh*t.

(Side note: Evidently, these photos were taken when I was in Prague in the winter, so IMAGINE how beautiful it will be in the summer!)

When facing towards the western side of the river, Swan Beach is to the right of Charles Bridge.

Other places you could visit:

-Mucha Museum (if you like the work of artist Alphonse Mucha). Student Entry: 160 CZK / £5.50 ish

-Czech Museum of Music (if you like... music!). Student Entry: 80 CZK / £2.80 ish

-St Nicholas Church (if you like beautiful architecture). Student Entry: 50 CZK / £1.70 ish (Side note: There are 2 'St Nicholas Church's' in Prague, the one I'm talking about is in Malá Strana and is the most famous Baroque church in Prague.)

-Wenceslas Square (if you like tourists).

As you can see, Prague is a beautiful and cheap (beautifully cheap!) place that every student should visit. Even if you're just strolling down the cobbled streets, you'll find something fascinating and stunning around every corner.

Have you got any other money saving tips you found useful whilst traveling? Let me know in the comments!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch here.

Safe travels!

Lois x

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